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Eco-friendly handmade candles from all natural soy wax, which results in a clean, long lasting, carbon neutral candle that also supports our American farmers. All fragrances used are phthalate free, which means you can burn your candles knowing that you are not releasing harmful carcinogens into the air.


Using all natural eco-friendly soy that is made from our own American farmers, is a prime choice for people wanting a carbon neutral clean burn while still keeping the scent you want

Hand Poured

These candles are homemade and hand poured with a keen eye to make sure every single one is perfect

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Blood Orange is my favorite scent, it reminds me of CB’s volcano scented candles at Anthropologie! Love the new labels💓

Karen S.

My husband loves Black Sea. We love it better than yankee and BBW!

Jennifer B.

Banana Nut Bread is my favorite! It smells so GOOD!

Anne B.

My husband is in love with your candles! He likes them more than Yankee and Bath and Body Works!!

Jamie J.

It has a wonderful melt pool and doesn't tunnel like other candles. I think they smell awesome!

Samara W.

The wax melts fill up my whole house with the scent and I absolutely love it! My husband is using them all the time!

Tameka T.

I am in love with these candles and I will be buying these from now on!!! I also love supporting local small businesses!


My sister and I love the wax melt subscription box!


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